Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interior Heat Wave

Waiting too long when you have a blog is not a good thing to do. Too many thoughts, ideas and experiences go by and meld together and soon fade from memory. But I will most likely find more ways to put things off in the future.

This summer is one of multileveled change for me. Being a blog dedicated to rolling and random thoughts there is no particular order to the changes. In fact there is something of an interrelation among them. And from what I mentioned in the above paragraph I don't expect to mention most of them. (One thing that will always stay the same is my lousy typing skills.)

I like where I live and its landscaping. Every year it takes a lot of work to maintain, however. And this year I have noticed that I am not so efficient at it - I get wiped out quicker than before. Of course, many days of rain have delayed those jobs, and the unusual heat wave(s) make outdoor work more difficult so I have to account for these to some extent. But say, even yesterday, mowing the lawn and hedge trimming in the 80 something degree sun left me dizzy and somewhat sick. Deciding to quit for the day and put my equipment away my wife, who has been painting the shed, asked me to bring the stepladder I was using over to where she was working. It's only a six footer and wooden - but by then seemed to weigh a ton and the distance to carry it left me with some very choice words under my breath.

This post is going to be a day long effort. Went to the orthopedic guy this morning for a follow up to discovering hip arthritis. Conclusion: after another x-ray seems I have some in my lower back, too. Current remedy: become regular with taking the pain pills I was originally prescribed. Gonna do that for sure as I have plenty of outside work to do today.

 Making the break with a lifetime at one job is, I have found, tough to do. Relationships, communication, etc. undergoes adjustment and I have found, many times becomes defunct. My mind gets the better of me and I consider all sorts of possibilities that may not even be true. Then there's that feeling of becoming somewhat invisible to the world I used to be a part of. But there is the other side, too. Not too many days ago I filed for unemployment over the phone with a gentleman who treated me as a human person, not just another number added to an ever-growing list. Got a first hand taste of dignity and it ran deep and was wonderful. Sneaky blessing. Never be surprised where you might encounter an angel, they tend to show up where least expected. Since I am not feeling too profound right now I am going to walk away from this and do an oil change.

Oil changes, and today's never ending yard work have done me in. Time to lighten up. Need to take stock of the bigger picture perhaps by way of some spiritual reading, taking a reflective walk, prayer.  Sunrise and sunset...I am amazed just how fast a life's day goes by.

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