Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Time to get away from my regular way of living life for a while...spending some time in Colombia to visit in-laws, eat the good stuff, and balance my perspective by letting the culture overtake me. Although Bogota is a big metropolis and so one needs to take the typical precautions, it's a great culture and a great people. The general courtesies and politeness of folks is immediately noticeable. I gotta let some of that rub off on me!!!

Spent most of yesterday waiting for a connection in Miami. Was at Bradley/Hartford around 3:30am yesterday - the wi-fii is free there - then waited 8 hours in Miami - the wi-fii is not free there! Thought about spending time taking a cab to a great Cuban restaurant  called the Versailles in Little Havana for lunch. Been there before and it's a great place. But decided that the cost of a taxi would make for too much expense. But I also like La Carreta right in the airport - like the cuban food there also.

Was so tired in Miami that at one point I gave up all modesty and got out of the seat I was in, found a little away place, made a pillow for myself and crashed on the floor...turned out to be a very good idea!!!! Other people are much better than me at dealing with lack of sleep.

Made it to the apartment of one of my nephew's that didn't take long from El Dorado airport and after some pleasantries crashed some more. Woke up to the drone of a major city starting its day and a real good cup of Colombian coffee (Juan Valdez, you rock!).

Although people are different by culture, we also share lots in common. Folks here get up in the morning and go to work like anyone else for the same reasons as anyone else. This is the capital, and has some really fancy parts, malls, restaurants, night life, hugh super-markets, home improvement super-stores, etc.
The language changes, lots of the food changes, stuff like that, but plenty of new business buildings and old ones, too. And yes, all the fast food joints at home are here also. Progress?

Lots I am not used to goes on, too, and requires some change on my part. My wife and nephew had a 7:30 am meeting to go to... I was exempt. They were still at home at 7:10. I reminded them that they needed to leave and are probably already going to be late. I was reminded that I am on colombian time, and that everything is approximate here. Wow. Lesson #1 right out of the gate.

So now I have to let myself adjust to the flow of things. That will be the big challenge and if I am cooperative it will do me enormous good.


  1. Nice posts Rick.
    Colombian time sounds pretty good to me.
    Enjoy South America !


  2. got home late this mornng...the heat wave here is warmer than where I was!